Project ’55 Bel Air: September 2014 Update

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Project ’55 Bel Air: September 2014 Update

(continued from Project Car: ’55 Bel Air, 2 Door Hardtop)
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The rocker panels on a Tri-5 Chevy are usually the first part to rust on these cars as they hold water and moisture. The correct way to repair rust in the rocker panels is to just replace them. Eckler’s Classic Chevy offers complete restoration quality complete panels. Check out our part #’s 31-453 and 31-454 for new rocker panels.

Replacing the rocker panels can be a big job. Since this build is not going to be 100% original, we elected to fix these on a budget– see below…

You can purchase sheet metal sections at your local hardware store or use any scrap pieces you may have lying around.

Cut the rust sections out using a cutting wheel and weld your repair panel in place.

I know these will look rough, but since it’s under the car and will be covered with POR-15, it will look OK. With all the sheet metal work done on the body, now is a good time to coat the underside using POR-15 products. Using POR-15 will protect the underside from rust and will last a lifetime! With a lot of elbow grease we wire-wheeled and cleaned the underside to properly apply the POR-15. (Classic Chevy offers a full line of POR-15 products.)

Now that we have fully coated the under body with POR-15, it’s time to prepare to put the body back on the chassis. There are several methods of installing the body mounts. Since this is a hardtop, use Eckler’s Classic Chevy part # 33-01.

Classic Chevy also offers these bushings in a polyurethane part # 33-10. Don’t forget the bolts, part # 33-04. (Stainless steel versions are available.) We choose to zip-tie the mounts in place and cut the zip ties once the bolts and shims are installed. (This will be done when the body is on the chassis.)

Here is a tech article we did awhile back on this car for installing the body mounts– if your body is not off the frame.


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